Monday, November 17, 2008

Don't Get Scammed by Wu-Yi Tea!

It's recently come to my attention that folks signing up for a free trial of Wu-Yi tea are getting scammed! They are finding charges on their credit cards for products they've never purchased and the phone numbers listed on their credit card statements are being directed to innocent folks not affiliated with the site (like myself).

Wu-Yi tea markets itself as the answer to "diet / weight loss" problems. You can sign up for free trials and they even boast a 60 day refund policy - but the problem is that nobody can reach them after their credit card has been charged ($4.95 and $9.95).

One of their web sites is
There is nothing there except a live person to chat with - and only after more digging do you discover that they are affiliated with Wu-Yi tea. This web site appears to be fraudulent, along with the web site

This site also uses affiliate marketing to promote their tea, so there are hundreds of sites out there selling this Wu-Yi tea.

The bottom line is that the sites selling the tea are scamming you and will take your money and you should avoid them. If you do happen to see charges on your credit card statement for Wu-Yi tea, ignore the phone number listed on the statement and try this one: 1-866-449-5567. This number does seem to work in getting hold of somebody affiliated with Wu-Yi tea.

Visit the Wu-Yi Tea Source web site for more information on their fees on cancellation policies.
All of the relevant information is listed on their Terms & Conditions page, which you can see by clicking here. They list an email address ( on the page also that you use to request cancellations.

For more information about these scams, visit the link below:

Update 24-Nov-08: Further research has revealed that there appears to be many sites out there selling Wu-Yi tea and one of the more important ones to avoid is called Wu-Yi Tea Source (which is definitely fraudulent). The phone number listed above is the official phone number on record for the fraudulent Wu-Yi Tea Source.

The official Wu-Yi Tea website is
They appear to be based in Austin, Texas and their phone number is: 512 328-2400.

The fraudulent Wu-Yi Tea Source web site is:
They're in Iowa and their phone number is: 1-866-449-5567

No doubt there are other fraudulent websites out there that are selling Wu-Yi tea. The prudent thing to do would be to avoid them all together.

If you notice charges on your credit card statement for Wu-Yi tea, try calling the two phone numbers above to complain.

If you're unsuccessful, try calling your credit card company and explain to them that you didn't authorize the charges and ask them to remove them. They will have more resources to track down the culprit behind the charges than you do. By reporting the scam to the credit card company it may help others who are noticing the same charges.

Update 28-Nov-08: I recently learned folks are finding a couple of 800 numbers on their credit card statements next to the charges and when they call these numbers, one of my other websites is being to them as the place to go to request refunds. Unfortunately, this is fraudulent information they're being told.

The 800 numbers folks are calling are: 800-281-9006 and 800-989-5907. Folks at these numbers are directing complaints to my web site: (apparently because I do make references to an "Insider Secret's Guide" on that site. However, the Insider Secrets Guide listed on that web site has to deal with Internet Marketing (not weight loss secrets). They're two different products.

I'm still trying to figure out why these 800 numbers are giving out my website as the place to go to request refunds/cancellations - since I have nothing to do with the charges or Wu-Yi tea. But now, please know that you're being told fraudulent information and that none of my websites have anything to do with the charges on your credit card statements.

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