Monday, February 2, 2009

Free Drawing & Paint Program for Kids

Yesterday I was helping my six year old nephew set up a user account on his family's computer and he asked me if I could install a program call Tux Paint for him. No kidding - and he's only 6!

Having never heard of the program before, I did what I always do and Googled the name. Turns out this program is an open source program (which means its free!) designed specifically for kids age 3 to 12 years.

While all Windows-based computers come with Microsoft Paint installed, Tux Paint is unique in that it's more kid-friendly. My nephews have been using this program at school and love it. In addition to being able to create art, Tux Paint also has a rubber stamping feature which is very cool!

Tux Paint can be installed on versions of Windows as well as MAC computers. The program is free and safe. Since it's a program many of the kids are already using in school, they might enjoy having it on their home computers too (my nephews certainly do).

To download Tux Paint, click here.

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