Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Having Problems Connecting Yahoo Mail?

For months now, many of us have had problems connecting our Yahoo Email.  We've clicked our Yahoo Email shortcut in our favorite internet browser and then after practically and eternity, we finally see a blank white screen that reads, "Unable to Connect".  Then a few hours later, we can get in. And if that wasn't frustrating enough, some of our friends aren't having problems at all. 

Troubleshooting intermittent problems like these are challenging.  But last night I happen to be paying a little more attention and noticed one minor detail.  The shortcut I was clicking on pointed to a different location then the actual address where my email was stored.  In other words, it looks like Yahoo moved my email account to another server and my shortcut was still pointing to the old server.  

Since the old shortcut worked part of the time (but not all), I'm guessing Yahoo put a redirect in place so that when the old shortcuts were clicked, they would be redirected to the new servers ... but I'm guessing the redirect wasn't always working (which is why my problem was intermittent).

So next I deleted my old shortcut and used Google to get back to my Yahoo email and created a new shortcut.  So far that seems to have solved all of my Yahoo connection problems.

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