Saturday, January 21, 2012

Getting Help with Microsoft Word

A lot of my clients struggle using Microsoft Word, so I thought I'd offer some helpful links below. 
 Hopefully the links above will be helpful to you in figuring out how to use Word effectively! 

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Understanding the New Facebook Timeline

Unfortunately for many of us, Facebook is about to roll out a new change on everybody called Timeline. You may have noticed that some of your friends have already voluntarily switched over. And in keeping with Facebook's "I don't care what the user wants" attitude .... we'll all be getting the time very soon.

This new change will be so different that it will take longer to learn and understand what's going on than previous changes to Facebook.   Here's a brief introduction of the new Timeline profile.

And should you decide to stay with Facebook after this new change, the links below should help you navigate the new timeline quicker.

Facebook Changes Again - Everything You Need to Know

Facebook Timeline - Old Profiles verses New Timeline Profiles

10 Things You Should Know About Facebook Timeline

Preps for Facebook's Timeline Layout - 6 Must Do Privacy Tweaks

How to Get Your Facebook in Order

Hopefully the links above will help you adjust to Facebook's new timeline profile quicker.   But just in case you're one of the many users who are ready to sever your relationship with Facebook, you can always cancel your Facebook Account by clicking here.