Sunday, April 3, 2011

Can't Install AVG? - Try This!

Yesterday, I tried to update AVG software on a client computer from AVG 9.0 to AVG 2011.  Naturally, the first thing I did was uninstall the old AVG and then downloaded the newest version.  I've done this countless times in the past without any problems ... but yesterday was a different story.

When I clicked the AVG 2011 icon to install the program,  the install window opened and told me it was installing and to be patiently ... then after a couple of minutes, the window would close, and it AVG was NOT installed.  I had done everything right, the new version just wouldn't install and there weren't any error messages to help me figure out why.

After much frustration, I finally found some advice from an AVG rep on a forum.  And best of all, it worked!  So if you're having the same problem I did, you might want to try these steps.
  1. Download the AVG Remover tool and run it to completely remove AVG from the system. Even though this web page says to remove certain folders after running the tool, I didn't have to do this.  It's a good idea to reboot the computer after running the tool though.
  1. Next, download the FULL version of AVG 2011 software (not the small installer program you usually download). You'll have to know if you're computer is a 32-bit or 64-bit system and select the appropriate software to download.   
These two steps solved my problem.  The full installer package worked perfectly and I was able to get AVG back on the computer.