Friday, September 21, 2012

Beware of fake computer tech calls!

Tonight my cousin got a call from somebody claiming to be a computer tech who said there was a problem with their computer and he needed to fix it for them ... the guy had a heavy accent was barely understandable .. luckily my cousin had enough smarts to tell the guy no.

Another friend of mine who lives in the D.C. area said he also had been getting similar calls for 6 months.  His "tech" guy claimed to be from "the Windows Services Department".  My friend has a a lot of technical knowledge and so had some fun with his calls.  When told he had a problem with his computer, my friend asked the tech which one, and told him he had 6 computers.  The tech told my friend he'd have to connect to tell him which one was the problem.  Of course, my friend replied if you can tell me I have a problem now, why is it you can't tell me which one of the six computers is the problem. The tech hung up.  They had many more conversations like this over the course of the 6 months, each time with the sound of "click" as the tech hung up in frustration.  

This was obviously a scam and the guy was trying to gain remote access to the computer in order to steal important identity information or install viruses, etc.

Don't be fooled by this scam!  If anybody calls you out of the blue and tries to convince you have a computer problem, tell them this call is being monitored and that you're notifying the FBI and then goodbye!

Be sure to spread the word too so that others won't fall victim to this scam!