Sunday, November 16, 2008

How to Email Photos in Yahoo

Emailing photos in Yahoo is pretty much like emailing photos in other programs. The steps are pretty simple - although it's worth noting that in Yahoo, you can only attached 5 photos in a single email. So if you have more than 5 photos to email, you'll have to send more than one email.

Just follow the steps below to email your photos in Yahoo:
  1. Login to your Yahoo email account and create a new blank message. You can go ahead and address the email, fill in the subject line and write your message now or wait til you're done attaching photos.

  2. Under the "subject" line, you'll see a gray button that reads, "Attach Files" (there's a paperclip on it). Click this button.

  3. On the next screen, click the "Browse" button (this is where it gets a bit tricky)

  4. When you clicked the "Browse" button in step 3, a new window popped up. This window allows you to find your photos so that you can attach them to the email. Everybody stores their photos in a different place, but in most cases, you can start your search in the "MY PICTURE or "PICTURE" folder. From there, you might have to look in subfolders to find the images you'd like to email.

  5. Once you find the image you want to email, single click it once (to highlight it) and then click the OPEN button the browse window. Repeat the process attach more photos (remember that you can only attach 5 photos to an email).

  6. When you're done attaching photos, click the ATTACH FILES button (found below all the Browse buttons).

  7. Complete the message and send.
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