Sunday, November 23, 2008

Windows Defender Explained

Windows Defender is a new program that comes with Windows Vista. This program is Microsoft's answer to helping you stop spyware, adware, and pop-up windows from web sites. By fixing these problems, Microsoft hopes to fix some of the problems that cause computers to slow down.

There is a Windows Defender icon in the control panel (it looks like a little brick wall). Once the Windows Defender is up, you can run a scan or configure different options.

By default, the program is configured to update and run automatically, but you change how the program does this. To make changes, click the TOOLS link at the top of the window and then the OPTIONS link.

Windows Defender is designed to do the same job that other programs like Webroot, Spy Doctor, and Adaware are doing. So you may not need to purchase one of those other programs unless you are having problems that Windows Defender is not fixing or removing.

If you use Windows XP, you can download and isntall Windows Defender for free. Microsoft even allows free updates for XP users. To get Windows Defender, click here. Keep in mind that if you're already using another spyware removal program, that you don't necessarily need to install Windows Defender. However, once the subscription is up on the other program, you might consider switching to Windows Defender - since it's free!

To learn more about Windows Defender, visit the Windows Defender home page.

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