Tuesday, April 7, 2009

30,000 Scientist Suing Al Gore for Global Warming Fraud

One of the greatest advantages of computers and the internet today is that you have the opportunity to do your own research fairly easily these days. Of course, you have to be careful in what you read and hear on the internet - same as you would in school, newspapers and on the news.

When I first started college (30 years ago), I had a chemistry teacher that shared one of the most important lessons of my life with me. It was the first day of class and she held up a book that some other "scientist/doctor" had written and told us most of the information in it was false. It was "junk science". This person had written whatever they wanted in order to profit from it. This chemistry teacher then went on to caution us to "not believe anything we hear or read unless we had proper scientific facts to verify the claim". She told us that rule applied to her as well. This was one of the most important lessons I have ever learned and I've done my best to live by this rule.

Fraud is big business today and lots of folks are profiting on it. It should come as no surprise that even folks in Washington are profiting on fraudulent lies. In the old days, it was more difficult to buy off a scientist or doctor to help spread your lies. But no today. Many today are more concerned about money and their personal agendas than they are about the truth.

The point of this story is that many would like us to believe that global warming is real and is one of the most important threats facing our world. Talk to folks and it seems that the majority of Americans have bought this lie. Why? I suppose because it's easier to believe what you hear than to do the research yourself and verify the story. I think another reason may be that there are certain folks we've all been taught to trust and not question - like doctors, scientist, teachers, and pastors. We've somehow got it in our heads that these folks know everything and would only speak truth to us.

But that's not always the case. Mr internet, Al Gore, is one of the leading voices scaring folks about global warming. You may have seen his movie about drowning polar bears. Of course, the facts were fabricated by Hollywood. But nobody cared. You certainly didn't hear anything about it in the mainstream media.

Another story that isn't getting much coverage in the news is the fact that 30,000 scientist are currently suing Al Gore for fraud over his global warming claims.

I don't know about you, but this news surprised me - and I don't even believe in global warming. What surprised me is that we're not hearing about this on our nightly news. We're either hearing more global warming scare tactics or nothing at all. Can you imagine, 30,000 scientist?! That's a significant number!

You might wonder what this story has to do with computers. I get emails from folks everyday asking me if something they heard or read is true. There are so many scams today, that it's getting harder to discern the truth. So I do a lot of research on the internet every day in an effort to better educate myself so that I have answers for others.

These kind of hoaxes and scams really irritate me because they end up suckering so many into believing on the basis of "science." I earned a bachelor degree in chemistry and so I have a bit of knowledge in that area and how it all works.

One of my clients was telling me the other day that she visited family on "earth day" last week and they made her sit in the dark for an hour. Remember that day? Folks were asked to turn out their lights for an hour to conserve energy and reduce global warming.

Nobody wants to do their own research anymore. They've lost the ability to reason and look at the facts with common sense. They have a hard time seeing the profit in global warming and other scams. So I like to share stories and facts and figures when appropriate to help others.

By the way, did you know the earth is actually cooling right now? It is, and so Al Gore had to change his terminology from "global warming" to "climate change". If this hoax weren't costing Americans so much, it would be funny! When I was growing up I remember hearing we were headed for another ice age. Now the opposite is "true" according to "experts". We've gone from one extreme to the other in matter of 30-40 years. Clearly these "experts' are incompetent.

Here's some links to stories related to global warming the media isn't reporting.

There are several site out there which specialize in debunking bad science and news. Here are some of my favorite links:


Junk Science

CNS News

One News Now

There are countless more websites like those mentioned above that also have great information. I encourage you to take my former chemistry teacher's advice and do your own research. There are too many lies and false information on our TV's, in our newspapers, and in our schools today to assume you're getting the truth.


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  2. It is so great to hear that this (suing Al Gore)
    is happening! Scientists have a lot to lose if "science" becomes nothing more than whatever facts the media uses to sway public vote or opinion.
    Al Gore is guilty of fraud and taking advantage of our dumbed down educational system which is not teaching children how to decipher fact from fiction.
    The fact that this hoax has gone so far is evidence that we as a country are developing a cancer...the cancer of the uneducated and dependent sector which will tip the scales one day for our country.