Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tips for Installing Internet Explorer 8

You may have noticed that Windows Updates wants you to install Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) now. They have it listed as a high priority which means that unless you make an effort to not install it, you're going to get it during a regular Windows udpate now.

Even though I'm primarily a Firefox user (and encourage others to do the same), I do recommend installing installing IE8. Doing so will help keep your computers up to date with the latest security patches. To make the experience go smoothly, I also recommend following the tips below.

After you download and install IE8, you'll have to reboot your computer. When the computer starts back up, you'll have to open Internet Explorer to finish the installation (which requires responding to a whole lot of windows).

IE8 installed a lot of new features that most people will find useless as well as slow down their computers. So my advice is to say "NO" to just about every window you're asked a question on. The only thing you really want to say "yes" to is the window that asks you if you want to use the smart filter (and by default it's checked). Everything else, you can say "no" or "don't use" or "I don't want to participate".

Installing IE8 is a bit tricky compared to earlier versions of Internet Explorer. But just go slow and take the time to read each window carefully so that you can respond appropriately and things should go smooth.

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