Thursday, January 14, 2010

How to Make Address Labels using Microsoft Works Word Processor

Most new computers today come with Microsoft Works already installed.  Although made by Microsoft, Works is a scaled down version Microsoft Office.  Works looks and feels different than Office, but it can do many of the same things.  The confusing thing is Works Word Processor is NOT the same as Microsoft Word, although it is comparable.

Most people don't notice the differences in the Word processor until they run into a situation where they need the full version of Microsoft Word for a project.  One of these situations is trying to use the label Templates provided on Avery's web site. If you're not familiar with Avery's site, they provide free templates for you to download and use with their products. But these templates only work with Microsoft Word ... NOT Works Word Processor.

Good news is that Works has its own label features which allow you to create your labels and then print them onto Avery label sheets.

The first step is to create a new database to store your addresses in.  You can create different mailing lists (or databases). For example, you can create a list for Christmas cards, and another for book club.  Create as many different lists as you'd like.   To create a new list, follow the steps below:
  1. Open Works Task Launcher
  2. Click Database to create a new one
  3. Enter information
  4. Save list
Once the list is created, you can use it to make address labels.  Most people use Avery Template #8160 for their address labels. This gives you 30 labels per sheet.  To make labels, follow the steps below.
  1. Open Works Task Launcher
  2. Click Return Address Labels button
  3. Click the Mailing Labels button (last one) and then OK
  4. Select 8160 -Addresses in the box and then click NEW DOCUMENT
  5. Click “Merge information from another file type”.
  6. Then select database (or list) you’d like to use 
  7. Insert appropriate fields being sure to hit ENTER as needed
  8. Close the “insert Fields” window.
  9. Select FILE and then PRINT PREVIEW to check labels before printing (use scroll bar to see top pages.
  10. Click Print when ready


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  3. how can I make a Font my default when typing out Address Labels?

  4. OMG... Thankyou soooooo much. I've been trying to figure this out for a while.... I have downloaded a lot of garbage trying to do this... Your great thanks again

  5. working in Works - love it - but am trying to use a right tab in the label (as i can in Word)to format - ex. [flower name] - [desc] then a right tab and the [height] - in word i press ctrl-tab to get there - how can i do this - i have over 600 labels i need to format for my plants.... thankx...