Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sharing Articles, Videos and More on Facebook

Facebook is more than just a social site for keeping in touch with friends.  It's also a great tool for sharing articles, videos and music with others.  One of the problems with today's media is that they often suppress stories that really should be shared.  Thanks to facebook, you can now share in the dissemination of information so as to make more people aware of various issues.

You've probably noticed that many news sites, YouTube, and other sites now have a "share on facebook" link on their content.  This is one way to share information easily.  But while these becoming more popular, there are still many sites that haven't incorporated them yet.

Facebook offers a great little "share bookmarklet" button which can be added to your browser's toolbar.  With this button, you can now share anything you come across on the internet with others.  This is a great tool for sharing articles, music and videos on facebook.

If you use Firefox to browse the internet, adding the share bookmarklet button is really easy. All you do, is drag the button from the web page below to your bookmark toolbar in Firefox and let go.


If you're using Internet Explorer or another browser, you might have to experiment a bit.  To date, I haven't been successful adding the bookmarklet to my bookmark toolbar in Internet Explorer.  And since I primarily use Firefox, I haven't spent a lot of time trying to figure it out. So if anybody else has been successful adding the tool to Internet Explorer (or any other browser), I hope they'll post the steps here.

Once the "share bookmarklet" button is on your bookmarks toolbar, all you need to do to share something is click the button.  If you're not logged into Facebook at the time, you'll be asked to login, and then the info will be shared.  If you like, you can even add a personal message to the post.

The cool thing is that even though you have to login to facebook to post, you really don't have to be on the site at the time.  In other words, you can be logged into a site (like Facebook) without actually being on the site. 


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