Thursday, May 27, 2010

Don't Use Ready Hosting!

For years, I have used for my business web hosting.  They were one of the cheapest web hosting companies when I first signed up.  However even though they're competitors have drastically cut costs, ReadyHosting never reduced their fees.

Despite paying higher fees, I stayed with them out of loyalty because I liked their services and being able to readily contact tech support when needed.  But that loyalty has come to and end.

In an attempt to reduce expenses, I decided to cancel my web hosting account since I've been using this blog as a means to share information.  While there are still some advantages of keeping the old website active,  I decided there weren't enough reasons to justify the expenses anymore.

So this morning I contacted their billing office to inform them of my desire to cancel the account and was told that they would do so and would refund the unused portion of my balance after they deducted an EARLY CANCELLATION FEE!

I've been a loyal customer for nearly a decade.  I could have moved the account years ago to one of the cheaper hosting companies, but didn't out of loyalty.  And now, they want to charge me an early cancellation fee?  Unbelievable!  The fee may only be $35, but it's the principle of the matter that really gets my goat!   Especially, since I only had 30 days left in the current subscription!

Needless to say, I won't be recommending Ready Hosting to anybody else any time soon.  If you need domain names or web hosting accounts, go to (which by the way happens to be my GoDaddy reseller account). But don't go to!

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