Friday, February 26, 2010

How to Add Collaborators to Google Sites

Google Sites is a tool that allows you to set up a free web site.  While there are many pros and cons to using Google Sites (or any free web host for that matter), this post will only you how to add collaborators to your existing Google Site.

The first thing you need to know is that Google Sites allows you to add 3 types of users to your existing site:
  • Additional Owners (which can do everything the original owner can do)
  • Collaborators (which can create, edit and delete pages, but not change site layout, name, etc.)
  • Viewers (which can only view the site but not make changes).
For more information about each category of Google Site Users, click here

In most cases, if you're looking to add others to a Google Site so they can create and edit pages, it's best to add them as a "Collaborator" as opposed to an "Owner".  This will help lessen inadvertent mistakes by other users.

The next thin you need to know before you can add a Collaborator to your Google Site is that the prospective collaborator must have a Google Account first ... or they won't be able to log into the site.

Getting a Google Account is easy. Share the link below with the prospective Collaborator and tell them to sign up for a free Google Account.

Be sure that the person creating the Google Account responds to any email verification requests sent in order to create the account.

Once the Google Account is created, you're ready to add this person as a Collaborator to your existing Google Site.  To do so, follow the steps below:
  1. Log into your Google Site (and go to the website)
  2. Click the MORE ACTIONS button (top right corner) and then MANAGE SITE
  3. In the left navigation under "Site Settings", click SHARING
  4. Make sure COLLABORATORS button is checked  (or click it if you need to)
  5. Type in the prospective collaborators email address
  6. Click INVITE THESE PEOPLE button (this sends an email to prospective collaborator)
The person you've invited to be a Collaborator will get an email informing them that they've been invited to a collaborator on your Google Site.  All they need to do now is log into their Google Account and then access the Google site.   If they need more help, they can follow the isntructions below:

  1. Log into Google Account (
  2. If you don't see the navigation links on the top left of page (web, images, video, etc.), then GOOGLE HOME link near top right of page.
  3. Click MORE link on top left page then SITES
  4. Under MY SITES, click the name of your Google Site
You (the Collaborator) now has full control to create, edit, and delete pages.

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