Thursday, February 11, 2010

Obama Administration Wants to Track You Via Cell Phones

If you value your privacy, you might want to read an article published today on CNET.  It's titled, "Feds Push for Tracking Cell Phones".

As you know, most cell phones today have GPS chips in them which can allow emergency services and cell phone companies track your whereabouts.  These are sold to us as a good thing - for our own protection.  By having the GPS chip, emergency services can find us if we find ourselves in need of help.

There's also an ongoing battle between the ACLU, the government and law enforcement agencies on whether cell records can be used in tracking criminals. Again, on the surface, this seems like a valid reason to scare folks into giving up their privacy - for the good of society.

But here's the problem.  Often times, our definition of criminal activity is not the same as that of the government's or others.  Just look at how many convicted felons are currently serving in the Congress and Senate!

The liberal left went into a frenzy when Bush put the Patriot Act into motion ... and rightly so!  The Patriot Act is another example of how privacy violations are sold to the American public by playing on their fears.

But the Obama administration is taking it a step further.  The Patriot Act was set up to "monitor suspected terrorists phone calls" and now Obama wants to go further and track the whereabouts of American citizens via their cell phones.  This is Soviet-KGB like monitoring ... and it's definitely an invasion of your privacy!

Read the article, linked above.  No doubt, you'll find it very interesting.  

By the way, cell phones still emit a tracking signal when the phone is OFF.  The only way to prevent this is to remove the battery.  When the battery is removed, the tracking feature is disabled.  

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