Saturday, February 13, 2010

Unable to Play Games in Firefox?

One of my clients recently had a problem playing facebook games using Firefox.  The funny thing is that only some games had problems, while others were fine.  Inconsistencies like this make troubleshooting a problem difficult.

But while going through the normal steps to correct the problem, I came across a small note the other day on the Java website that mentioned a compatibility problem with the latest version  of Java (6 update 18) and Firefox (version 3.6).  It's a tricky issue, but in short, before upgrading to the latest version of Firefox, you have to have an older version of JAVA on the computer.

People like me, who always uninstall older versions of  software before installing newer versions, are the ones who primarily seeing this problem.

Without going into too much technical mumojumbo, if you're having trouble playing games on Facebook or other JAVA based games, you might want to try these steps to resolve the problem.
  1. Uninstall Firefox completely (through Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs)
  2. Uninstall JAVA completely (through Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs)
  3. Download and install an older version of JAVA, click here.
  4. Reinstall Firefox
Hopefully,  your problem is now fixed.  Give the games another try.

1 comment:

  1. That doesn't sort the problem.
    You can not download older version of java, you could try but they will keep pestering you and telling you, you need to update to the newer version. Having older versions still installed of java will conflict with the new java so you have to delete older versions first. Firefox, IE and google chrome all have problems playing facebook games, Chrome is the only one where they play the best, the problem is not with the browsers but it is java that is not working togeter with the browsers, the futue is Silverlight and ditch Java!!! Greetings IT consultant