Friday, January 23, 2009

Beware of Software Recommendations by Stores

Now a days businesses are partnering up with other businesses. This means they're trying to sell each others products. And if you've been shopping lately, you probably noticed that few sales reps these days know what they're talking about.

The days of really knowing the products you sell is the thing of the past. Now a days, folks are just looking for a job that pays well and don't really care (or know much) about the products they sell.
But because of business partnerships, they will still make recommendations and often convince you of buying things you don't need.

This has become a common problem in the computer world. Many of my clients have been persuaded by reputable stores (like Staples and Best Buy) into buying software products which proved to more trouble than they're worth.

Some of these products include various Security Suites and AntiVirus and AntiSpyware products (like CA Security Suite, Webroot, and Windows Live Care, to name just a few).

Most of these software recommendations are cheaper than their competitors, but they also usually come with more headaches, and I spend a lot of time fixing problems caused by these programs.

I too make software recommendations to my customers .... but the difference is that I'm not obligated to recommend any one package over another. Because my clients all use different computer products (hardware and software), I get to experience them first hand and can share most of the pros and cons surrounding them. I only recommend products I would use on my own computer, so if you trust me, you can trust the products I recommend.

Before buying computer related product in the future, I encourage you to check here first (use the search option) to see if there are any reviews regarding a product you're interested in. I also encourage you all to share your own comments on these products so that others will benefit from your experience.

To learn more about which AntiVirus software I recommend, click here.

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