Friday, January 30, 2009

Fact or Fiction - Which Came First?

For years, television Sci-Fi and other entertainment groups have introduced us to new products and trends which later became reality. Buck Rogers introduced us to the concept of rockets before we ever considered going to the moon. Flip phones first appeared on Star Trek in the 60's and today, they are commonplace.

Novelists like Robin Cook, John Grisham, and Tom Clancy have also captivated our minds while keeping us on the edge of our seats as they led us through their ficticious stories which can easily become reality.

The television series "24" is another one of those programs that makes up stories based on reality. And like others before them, these stories have the potential to become fact. This season, one of the bad guys has the capability to hack into computers controlling air traffic control, power grids, and more. This story is fiction, but most people would agree this threat is a real possibility.

Now there's a new novelist on the scene (a former computer programmer) who has written a computer thriller novel to highlight some of the real computer threats facing today's populace.
The name of the book is Daemon, by Daniel Suarez. This book is the perfect gift for the "computer geek" in your life as well as for anybody wanting to know more about potential computer threats in today's world. Check it out!

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