Monday, January 19, 2009

Why Some Fonts Have Missing Characters

Are you a font junkie? I am! I'm always downloading free fonts and adding them to my computer. Some of my favorite sites to download fonts from include:
Downloading fonts allows you to be more creative in your projects. But one of the common problems with download fonts is missing characters and other limitations. Perhaps the apostrophe was missing ... or you couldn't make the text italicized or bold ... these are common problems with downloaded fonts.

These problems occur when the person who created the font didn't create all the characters (like apostrophes) or variations (like italicized or bold) when creating the font.

When simple characters are missing (like an apostrophe), the fix is simple. Just make the apostrophe (or other missing character) a different font. It's okay to use one font for your main text and another for your apostrophes (exclamation points, commas, etc.).

Substituting fonts is the quickest and easiest way to fix missing characters.

However, if you can't make your text italicized, bold or regular ... you're only option is to use another font that does have these options.

Hopefully this tidbit of info will help solve some of your font problems.

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