Saturday, January 24, 2009

Known Problems with CA Security Suite

If you've recently purchased CA Security Suite to handle your AntiVirus and AntiSpyware needs, then you should check the software carefully to make sure everything installed correctly.

One of my clients recently purchased the 2009 version of CA Security Suite and had several problems getting the software installed properly. Things appeared to work okay, but following installation there were several errors and they were not able to "secure all" the items listed.

Several attempts to uninstall and reinstall the software did not fix the problem. Turns out there is a known issue (or software corruption) with the firewall portion of the software that was causing all the casc.exe errors.

After chatting online with CA tech support for a couple of hours, it they directed me to a link where I could download a good version of the software. However, in order for that installation to work, CA tech support had to first run their removal tool remotely to remove all trace elements of the previous installation. Without doing this, the 'fix' won't work.

The easiest way to talk to CA tech support is through their online chat support (that way you don't have to deal with heavy accents when talking to folks in India) and they can easily connect to your computer remotely to run the removal tool.

Once you're CA Security Suite subscription is up, I'd highly recommend switching to Norton Internet Security!



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  3. I have a problem with the CA Internet Security Suite 2009 parental controls. Once enabled, it apparently cannot be disabled, but it is preventing me from properly accessing something as basic as the different tabs of my Facebook page.

    Also, upon installation and every time I open it, the Anti-Spyware reports that it has encountered some sort of problem and is unable to create a "Quarantine" file.

  4. I am unable to completely remove the CA Security Suite software that I used last year. I have done repeated searches on my computer but pop-ups still keep on coming up. It is very invasive software.

  5. First, make sure your messages are really from CA Suite. There is a rogue malware program out there (also called 'SmitFraud') which masquerades as an antivirus program, but it's not really. The worst part about this program (which is known by many names) is that it looks legitimate (right down to having the Microsoft shield on its icons).

    If you're certain, your messages are from CA Security Suite and you're certain you want to remove all traces of the program, then use the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility. But be careful when using it - as it does wipe out all traces of software. You can download the tool at the link below:

  6. I posted a comment on Aug 25 regarding my inability to remove CA Security Suite from my computer. I still get pop-up reminders??? I was sent an address to open and run but it stalled during the removal process???
    I will try the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility next. Thanks.
    I hope that it will only remove the CA Security Suite software. I have done a search on my computer and have removed anything that I can find, as well as use the add and remove software function on my computer.

  7. I tried to use the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility and an error message keeps popping up and I can't get it to run.
    I found the CA Security Suite stuff in the program files on 'my computer'. I deleted all except the files with a dll extension. The computer won't let me delete these. What a mess. The popups are getting larger and in the middle of the screen now.

  8. Sounds to me like you're only left with a couple of choices now:

    1. Contact CA Security Suite tech support and get their help removing the program.

    2. Try going back to an earlier restore point on the computer (assuming there is one)

    3. Try downloading and installing Malwarebytes AntiMalware and run a FULL scan to see if there is a rogue program on the computer causing your popups (I personally love this program and highly recommend using it all the time).

    4. Restore the computer back to factory settings (which means you need all the original software disks and product keys that came with the computer). The operating system may or may not be hidden in a partition on the hard drive.

  9. I have used CA Suite for a couple years -- and experienced no problems until I downloaded the 2009 version -- and now I've experienced several of the issues discussed here. I've restored my system to a date prior to loading the new version -- and now everything seems to be working OK -- BUT, I have lost the update connection for the old version. Can anyone help?

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  11. I cannot uninstall CA Anti-Virus! I have 'chatted online' to three different technicians. The last one directed me thru the Registry, which took over one and half hours and assured me this would work. It's still on my computer! I am disgusted and dont know what else to do. I have followed advice and links but nothing has worked. Please someone out there, help me get rid of this program.

  12. At this point ... you're best options are to try the Windows Clean Uninstaller or reload your system from scratch.

    You can download the Windows Clean Uninstaller tool at the link below:

  13. I believe I found a simple way to completly remove CA. At least it worked for me since I had trouble with CA in ADD and REMOVE programs that would not uninstall parts of CA. Try this... get into safe rebooting and pressing F8. Once in safe mode click the START button then click RUN. Type "regedit.exe" without the quotes. Click the + for HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. Click the + for SOFTWARE. Now look for the file that says CA. DO NOT click the + Now right click that whole file and delete. Now got to ADD/REMOVE Programs. Click the CA Program to uninstall. A box comes up asking if you want to completly uninstall CA Internet Suite. Click YES or OK. Then Reboot. Wa la GONE! Let me know if this works for you..did me and now I installed AVG Virus. My comp runs much faster.

  14. I just started getting the following message for my CA 2009 suite:
    "CA Security Center has stopped working"
    "Windows can check online for a solution to the problem."
    When I try and have Windows check for a solution, the program just shuts down with no help.

    When I go to the details, I get the following:

    Problem signature:
    Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
    Application Name: casc.exe
    Application Version:
    Application Timestamp: 4ad720a3
    Fault Module Name: caissccplugin.dll
    Fault Module Version:
    Fault Module Timestamp: 4ad71df0
    Exception Code: c0000094
    Exception Offset: 0001a739
    OS Version: 6.0.6002.
    Locale ID: 1033
    Additional Information 1: 2283
    Additional Information 2: 2a93c8abcf44410369cc95f5dd076fc2
    Additional Information 3: 6ecc
    Additional Information 4: 5d370311920ab539e2b029d0889a5423

    Can anyone help me out? My e mail account is Marty

  15. I have the same error...error log is exactly the same. It started in early Feb and I get the error every time I log on.

  16. My IPOD touch will not sync. After 3 replacemnet Ipods and hours with Apple experts we finally discovered the problem was the Ca Security suite. Once it was uninstalled Ipod sync'd straight away.

  17. All of a sudden CA is reporting an alert that I need to FIX a problem. I click it and it says my email protection is not activated. I click FIX NOW and it reports "SUCCESS". I click ok and it goes right back to saying my email is not protected. I have the CA suite that comes with my Brighthouse Cable Subscription. ? Thank you for your help, Bill

  18. AAAGH I just bought my computer and I can't get this stupid worthless CA Security crap off of here. It slows EVERYTHING down!!!!!! Any advice that won't cost me anything or potentialy damage my computer??