Monday, December 15, 2008

Beware of Perfect Defender!

Perfect Defender is another rogue, malware program (like Windows Antivirus). You'll know it has found its way onto your computer when you start seeing popup windows warning you of infections and asking you if you want to block programs from accessing your computer.

This is the time to stop what you're doing and remove the program from your computer.

You won't find Perfect Defender anywhere in your control panel under "Add/Remove Programs" (WinXP and earlier) or "Program and Features (Vista). You'll need a special program designed to remove Perfect Defender (or a some computer-know-how to remove it manually).

My advice is to get purchase a program called, Anti-Malware (by MalwareBytes). I've used this program several times to remove Windows Antivirus, Perfect Defender, and other rogue malware programs, and it works better than most other programs (and is easier to use!).

Programs like Perfect Defender and Windows Antivirus are capable of finding their way past many antivirus software programs. Installing Anti-Malwarre on your computer will help protect from these kinds of threats. Best of all, buying the program is a one-time fee!

For more information about Perfect Defender and Windows Antivirus, click here.