Sunday, December 14, 2008

How to Change Your Internet Home Page

When you first open Internet Explorer (or your internet browser of choice), the first page you see is referred to as your "home page". For may people, the home page is MSN or Yahoo. But this page can be set to any web page you want.

One of the frustrations folks encounter is that sometimes this page gets changed without your knowledge or permission. But in most cases, following the steps below will fix the problem.

The easiest way to change your home page is to go the web page you'd like to make "home" first. Then follow the steps below to make it your home page.

For Internet Explorer .......
  1. On the menu, select TOOLS then INTERNET OPTIONS (a new window pops up)
  2. Click the USE CURRENT button and then OK

For Firefox .....
  1. On the menu, select TOOLS then OPTIONS (a new window pops up)
  2. Click the USE CURRENT PAGES button and then OK

If you're using Internet Explorer 7 or Firefox, you can set multiple pages to open in tabs automatically when you first open the browser. To do this, open a tab and browse to the page you'd like to have open automatically (repeat this step for every page you want to automatically open). Once you have all the pages opened in tabs, follow the steps above to set your home page.

If you like, you can take setting a custom home page a step further. Several sites (like Google, MSN, and Yahoo) allow to customize their pages and make them your own. The advantage of doing this is that you can customize the pages so that you're getting the news or other information you want while removing the stuff you don't want.

While I have used MSN and Yahoo in the past, I have since switched my homepage to Google because it loads a lot faster and is much easier to customize and add RSS feeds to than the others.

So take control of your browser and set your own customized home pages.

To learn how to set up a Google home page, click here.

For more information tips on configuring your Firefox home page, click here.

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