Friday, December 26, 2008

New Version of Windows To Be Released in 2010

A few people have asked me recently about the "new version of Windows" which is supposed to replace Vista. Although little information is known at this time, it's true that there is new version of Windows (called, Windows 7) which is supposed to be available in 2010.

Why is Microsoft releasing another Operating System (OS) so soon? One reason, of course, is to make money by constantly offering new innovative products. But another reason is that folks are still refusing to embrace Vista as XP's replacement.

While average home consumers don't have a lot of influence over Microsoft. corporations do. And according to a recent article, only 10% of businesses have made the switch to Vista, while the remaining 90% have put pressure on Microsoft to continue supporting Windows XP.

Because of this pressure, Microsoft hasn't pulled XP completely off the shelf yet and you may still be able to get it on a new computer. It also means that Microsoft will continue supporting XP longer than expected (which is good news for most of us).

To track the progress of Widows 7, Microsoft has set up a web page that you can visit. This page will share information as it becomes available and you'll be able to see what some of the changes and differences will be.

You can visit the Windows 7 web page by clicking here.