Saturday, December 13, 2008

How to Disable the HP Splash Screen

When you first turn on your HP computer, you see the HP logo on the screen. This screen is also commonly known as the "splash screen" (i.e., the screen you see when the computer is booting up).

Most people don't care to look at the scrolling text underneath that screen. But when you're trying to gain information about the computer or diagnose a problem, you need to see that text.

Many computer manufacturers allow you to bypass their logo screen by hitting the TAB key on the keyboard. But not HP. They insist you put a bit more effort into disabling that screen. Below are the steps for how to do this:

Step 1:
As soon as you turn the computer on, hit the F1 key to enter the system BIOS

Step 2:
On the menu, select the BOOT option by moving the right arrow on the keyboard.

Step 3:
Making sure BOOT-TIME DIAGNOSTIC is highlighted, hit the ENTER key on the keyboard

Step 4:
Select ENABLE to disable to HP Splash screen