Monday, December 15, 2008

How to Setup a Google Home Page

Google allows you to create custom home pages which can make your internet life a lot easier. The big advantage of doing this is that you can view the information you want to see and remove the rest. These pages also tend to load a lot faster than MSN or Yahoo because there is a lot less graphics and advertising slowing things down.

Getting started is really easy. Just go to Google and create a new account (it's free).

If you already have a Google account, just sign in.

Once you sign into your Google account, click the GOOGLE HOME link (top right corner of page) then the iGOOGLE link. This is the page you want to set as your home page.

To make Google your home page (so that it opens every time you open your internet browser), follow these steps ...
  1. On the menu, click TOOLS and INTERNET OPTIONS (IE) or OPTIONS (Firefox)
  2. If using Internet Explorer, click the USE CURRENT button then OK
  3. If using Firefox, click the USE CURRENT PAGES button then OK
You now have your own Google home page. The next step is to customize it.

To learn how to customize your Google home page, click here.

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