Thursday, December 25, 2008

Is Your Computer Compatible with Vista?

A lot of folks have been asking about Vista lately, wondering if Vista has improved any since its release date. The answer is 'yes', at least in my opinion.

Whenever a new Operating System (OS) is released, I usually advise my clients to stay away from it for a good year or so. This is because software is typically released before all the bugs are worked out of it, and there are usually compatibility issues with other software and hardware that may be running on the computer.

But now that Windows Vista has been out a while, it's more stable and more drivers have been created to solve compatibility issues. I've been using Vista for about a year now, and have not had any major problems with it. In fact, Vista has a few features that I have even come to love (like their gadgets).

For most of my clients, I still advise that they DON'T upgrade their computers to Vista - because of compatibility issues. But, if buying a new computer, then don't worry about getting Vista on it. Eventually, we'll all be forced to switch to Windows Vista. And that being the case, it's best to wait til you buy a new computer. You'll have a lot less headaches this way.

None the less, if you are considering making the switch to Windows Vista, you might want to check their compatibility list first to see if your existing hardware and software will work Vista. You can check compatibility list by checking the link below.

Checking the list can save you hours of frustration down the road when upgrading to Windows Vista.