Monday, December 29, 2008

Paper Mismatch Error

Have you seen the "paper mismatch" error when printing? I've seen it a few times now on different computers, running different operating systems, etc. The only common variables between the computers had in common were that the users were trying to print Works documents (Works Word, or Quattro, etc.) and they were using HP Officejet printers.

The first time I saw the error, one of my clients was trying to print a Quattro spreadsheet in landscape format when the error occurred. She could print Quattro documents in portrait, but not landscape.

The second time I saw the error, the person was trying to print a Works Word Processing document size 5.5 x 8.5. Again, everything was configured properly, but the "paper mismatch" error appeared.

It doesn't matter how many times you check your printer and document configuration settings, or change the paper type in your printer ... nothing fixes the error message.

The folks at HP have apparently seen the problem several times because they have troubleshooting steps on their support site for the "paper mismatch" error. However, none of the steps solve the problem.

The only fix I've been able to find, is to convert the document from a Works document to a Microsoft Office document. For example, if you were trying to print a Quattro spreadsheet, covert the document to Excel. If you were trying to print the document in Works Word, convert the document to Microsoft Word. Each time, this conversion has solved the paper mismatch problem (making me wonder if the problem is tied to Works, and not HP printers).

Of course, in order to make the conversion, you have to have Microsoft Office installed on your computer (which I always recommend). If you don't have Microsoft Office installed, you can either buy it or try converting the document in question to another type of document (like Word Pad).

If you do have Microsoft Office installed, the easiest the way to perform the conversion is to open the Works document in question, and then on the menu select FILE > SAVE AS then SAVE. Some formatting may be lost, but this process is a lot easier than retyping the info in Microsoft Word or Excel.

Once you make the conversion and verify you can print your document (without the paper mismatch error), I recommend deleting the original Works document to eliminate confusion.